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 AHL Regel expirimenten volgend seizoen (Toekomst NHL?) Volgende onderwerp
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Geregistreerd op: 30-6-2004
Berichten: 424
Woonplaats: Eindhoven

BerichtGeplaatst: Do Jul 08, 2004 3:06 pm Reageer met quoteNaar boven

Changes abound in AHL
By Lindsay Kramer | Special to
July 7, 2004


Some time in the next few weeks, a handful of AHL administrators, on-ice officials and maybe a goalie or two will go to a rink and flip pucks around the end boards and behind the goal.

Where the puck stops, nobody will quite know. The conclusions drawn from this little pickup drill, however, will go a long ways toward deciding how far goalies in the AHL can chase it next season.

In an effort to boost offenses that last year produced the lowest-scoring games in the league (a combined 5.1 goals per game) since 1938, the AHL's Board of Governors last week adopted a package of some of the most sweeping rules changes in AHL history.

Almost all of them, from widening the neutral zone to shrinking goalie pads, have been experimented with in one form or another.

All of them, that is, except the one that could be the most contentious and revolutionary: experimenting with restrictions on where goalies can play the puck.

For the first seven weeks of the 2004-05 season, the league will float a trial balloon that will severely limit goalies' stick-handling rights. The exact parameters are still being ironed out, hence the upcoming workout focusing on dump-ins and wraparounds.

The best bet is that a zone slightly larger than the size of the crease will be mapped out behind the net where goalies can set up the puck for their defensemen or flick it out of harm's way. If they touch it anywhere else behind the goal line extended, a penalty will be called.

After seven weeks, the league will evaluate the experiment. If anyone wants goaltenders' input, however, that's abundantly available already.

"It doesn't make any sense to me," said Hartford's Jason LaBarbera. "I'll go out there, set up the puck for the d-man. If you don't do that, they'll get killed."

Rochester's Ryan Miller also bristled.

"I never thought for a second they'd take a skill away from a goalie," he said. "Restricting players with what they can do as regards to making creative plays, it blows my mind. To stick the goalie in the net and tell him not to move, unbelievable."

Miller might have a point. Such a rule could be counter-productive to increasing scoring chances because some of the best opportunities are set up when young goalies leave the net at the wrong time or misplay the puck when they reach it.

But if this test turns into a rule, restless goalies will see the very nature of their position altered and might have to bring some rope to the pipes to curb their urge to roam.

"I think it's going to be a good rule. I think it will make the game more entertaining and create more offense," said AHL president Dave Andrews. "It's going to be a pretty exciting year with all these changes together."

Shootout shout-out: AHL goalies, who as a group turned in the most dominating performance in league history last year, have only themselves to blame, of course. But it's understandable that they might start getting just a little paranoid after the AHL adapted a load of other rules that will make their jobs tougher.

The most noticeable one is the approval of the controversial shootout. The AHL will employ that one-on-one method of breaking ties next season for the first time since 1986-87.

Teams will still get two points for a win in regulation and in overtime. If regulation ends in a tie, both teams are assured one point. If the score remains tied after a five-minute overtime, the game will go to a shootout. The shootout winner will get two points while the loser gets one.

Few in the hockey world think it's a great idea to hand out an extra point based on what is, in essence, a sideshow. But the perception on the AHL's part is that it's something the fans want.

"If the fans really enjoyed it, it makes sense we build it into our sport," Andrews said.

Goalies, in general, grudgingly understand.

"I guess if you're a purist you are disappointed they are taking the game away from the team and putting it in individual hands," Rochester's Miller said. "But we're trying to build a product. We're still a growing sport in this country. We have to gain fans."

But the goalie fraternity is riled by the AHL's decision to reduce the width of leg pads from 12 inches to 10 inches.

"Oh my goodness. That's going to be a little interesting, too," said Syracuse's Karl Goehring. "The thing is, it's level across the board. Everyone will have to adjust to it."

LaBarbera is at least glad the changes aren't more extreme.

"Ten inches is tiny. It's kind of ridiculous, but anything's better than making the nets bigger," he said.


Het is duidelijk dat er iets moet gebeuren in de regelgeving binnen de NHL/AHL... Er wordt gewoon te weinig gescoord, en dit gaat ten koste van de aantrekkelijkheid van de sport! Wat vind je van deze nieuwe ''expirimentele'' regels die volgend seizoen worden uitgetest? Is het een oplossing of juist niet? Of vind jij dat ze gewoon alles maar lekker moeten laten zoals het is?

Ik vind zelf dat ze de pads & legguards van de goalies weer terug zouden moeten rezisen naar ''normale'' proporties! de pads van de goalies zijn tegenwoordig 2x zo groot en 2x zo zwaar als 10-15 jaar geleden... Geen wonder dat er minder wordt gescoord!! Maarja het ziet er niet naar uit dat ze dit (ooit) gaan veranderen, daar zou te veel weerstand van spelers (NHLPA) van komen... dit gaat dus niet gebeuren. Daarom is het goed dat er met andere regels geexpirimenteerd wordt om te kijken of het iets opleverd.
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Geregistreerd op: 27-6-2004
Berichten: 162
Woonplaats: TILBURG

BerichtGeplaatst: Do Jul 08, 2004 4:14 pm Reageer met quoteNaar boven

nou dan weet ik ook een heel goede regel wie ze af moeten schaffen de 2 line paas als ze dat gaan doen zijn ze stuk sneller bij de goalie en dus meer kans op te scoren
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1ste lijn

Geregistreerd op: 30-6-2004
Berichten: 424
Woonplaats: Eindhoven

BerichtGeplaatst: Do Jul 08, 2004 5:20 pm Reageer met quoteNaar boven

rob schreef:
nou dan weet ik ook een heel goede regel wie ze af moeten schaffen de 2 line paas als ze dat gaan doen zijn ze stuk sneller bij de goalie en dus meer kans op te scoren

Ja ik snap niet wie die regel nog zou willen houden... Slaat echt nergens op!
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Geregistreerd op: 27-6-2004
Berichten: 344
Woonplaats: Oosterhout

BerichtGeplaatst: Do Jul 08, 2004 10:33 pm Reageer met quoteNaar boven

da is om afwachters uit het spel te laten! gewoon snel en teamwork! snelle passes, moves! is toch mooi?

Hockey is fuckin amazing! eh?
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